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Rooftop Solar Panels for energy conservation

As a responsible company, AJAX has the greatest respect for the environment and we think as the environment is changing we have to realign our responsibilities and respond accordingly whether it's our business operations, our products or our own personal lives we must rise to the challenge of minimizing our environmental impact wherever possible. We mustn't lose sight of improving our environmental performance particularly with the pressures that growth brings. We must do everything that is reasonable and practically possible to optimize the benefits and minimize the impact we have on our environment footprint and the communities in which we operate.

In this direction at AJAX we have installed Rooftop Solar Panels to reduce our dependency on conventional power sources. We encourage our people go in for environment friendly measures to reduce power consumption and also keep a check on power wastage in all our facilities.

Rain Harvesting at Peenya & Doddaballapur Facilities

Bangalore is facing acute shortage of water due to rising population density and low rain falls. Our Head Office situated in the heart of Peenya Industrial area, is an hub for industries also makes it a place with low water levels. We designed our office to head on two challenges, one of having water whenever we require and one of low water levels beneath the ground. With an underground 70,000 ltr of Rain water Tank which collects water from roof tops and stores for a year long usage, we also made recharging pits which would send extra water that we cannot store to the ground directly.