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Ajax Mixing Technologies


Leveraging Technological Advancement

AJAX planetary mixers are designed to perform high mixing performance even for all challenging applications and mostly preferred for producing precast concrete products such as low or zero slump precast concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, self-compacting concrete, etc. They provide the highest homogeneous mixture even in shorter mixing time as the mixer turret is rotating around the mixer center point and in the meantime mixing stars connected to this turret are circumvolving.

Advanced Features of AJAX Planetary Mixers

  • Reversible Mixing Blades.
  • Round Mixing arms in NiCr Special Steel.
  • High wear-resistant mixer wearing parts.
  • Interchangeable wear resistant linings.
  • Pan Floors & wall are lined with easily replaced hard-wearing liner segments.

Benefits of AJAX Planetary Mixers

  • High mixing performance even for challenging concrete applications.
  • High mixture homogeneity in shorter mixing time.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Low Power consumption.
  • Easy maintenance due to wide maintenance gates and bolted type replaceable linings.


The benchmark in mixing technology

AJAX Twin-shaft Mixer mixing concept rapidly produces mixtures with consistently high levels of homogeneity. It is a well-proven, highly reliable solution for industrial mixing processes with medium to high output requirements. The machine is a classic compulsory mixer. The Twin-shaft mixer moves the entire mixture in a three-dimensional spiral motion. There is also an intense exchange of materials in the turbulent zone where the two mixing cycles overlap. The energy applied is optimally converted into intense relative movements of the entire mixture. Thanks to the optimized design and arrangement of the mixing tools, you will achieve consistently outstanding mixture homogeneity batch by batch, with very short mixing cycles.

Features & Benefits of AJAX Twin-shaft Mixer

  • Compact Design & Planetary gears for High Efficiency.
  • Compact Design.
  • Easy Transport & Installation.
  • Self-tensioning drive belts to reduce maintenance, accidental and unecessary
    loads on the gearboxes.