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Super Smoother

For obtaining a smooth surface finish

Oscillation Correction Beam

Oscillating Movement for removing the irregularities caused by dowel bar insertion.

Ease Of Operation

Pre-programmed steering for easy manoeuvrability. With Ackerman steering mechanism ensures high precision while working around bends.

Spreader Plough

For spreading concrete uniformly and for removing excess concrete.

String Line Sensor

4 Levelling sensors & 2 Slewing Sensors for accurate navigation for paving path.

Dowel Bar Inserter

For inserting dowel bars into concrete.

Slewable 4 Crawler Tracks

Four Tracks provided with polyurethane pads to steer & turn and adjust track 0-90 degree.

Intelligent Control system

Ergonomically designed dashboard for easy Identification and operation.

Cleaning System

High pressure cleaning system with 20m hose reel for cleaning operations.


242 kW/ 325 HP

Paving Width

5-12 m

Paving Thickness

Upto 500 mm

Operational Weight

78000 kg

Water Tank Capacity

500 + 500 ltr

Fuel Tank Capacity

600 ltr

Travelling Speed

0-25 m/min

Working Speed

0-10 m/min

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